July 2020

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Best Practices

Ten years ago I attended a conference called “The High Performing Nonprofit.” The conference was excellent, and it got me to thinking about the concept of “best practices.” Now, ten years later, I’m still hearing that term, and it continues to bother me. Here are a few statements from that conference that may help us

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Succession Planning

A nonprofit director called me recently with a couple of questions about their succession plan. Right away I congratulated her for even having such a plan. Unfortunately this is a project that is too often set aside in the press of more critical work. But, if your CEO or an important program director all of

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Looking in the Mirror

A number of years ago I had the privilege of writing a weekly column for The News Tribune here in Tacoma, Washington. I loved doing it and will always be grateful to David Zeeck, President/Publisher, for giving me that opportunity. It’s time to renew that weekly tradition of putting down thoughts on all things nonprofits.

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